Latest ACM Turing Award Winner Announced!

Lesile Lamport, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, has been announced by the Association for Computing Machinists (ACM) as the winner of the 2013 Turing Award winner.  The Turing Award is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in computing.  I always look at these prize winners as “Gods” of the computing world and I think it’s important that we remember and honor our history if we are to progress as a profession.  He won it for his his work in distributed computing, which I can tell you from my graduate course, is some very difficult stuff.  He also created LaTeX among other things.  Congratulations!

Official News Release


Top 10 Living Software Engineers in the World Today

This is my humble opinion.  Please leave feedback!  I know there are probably people out there I should have included.

(All ages are as of 2013)

  1. Steve McConnell – He wrote the bible, Code Complete.  Enough said. (Age:50)
  2. Linus Torvalds – He wrote and is the architect for one of the most used operating systems ever, Linux.  Oh, he did Git also. (Age: 43)
  3. Kent BeckTDD, Agile Manifesto Signatory, jUnit, XP. (Age: 52)
  4. Barry Boehm – Software Economics, COCOMO, Spiral Development (Age: 78)
  5. David Parnas – Invented Information hiding and de-coupling. (Age: 72)
  6. Grady Booch – Helped invent UML and RUP.  Seminal person in Software Architecture. (Age: 58)
  7. Martin FowlerAgile Manifesto Signatory, Refactoring, and wrote the classic Patterns of Enterprise ApplicationArchitecture. (Age: 50)
  8. Tim Berners-Lee – Invented the WWW for heaven’s sake. (Age: 57)
  9. Fred Brooks – Wrote THE classic, Mythical Man-Month and also a Turing award (Nobel Prize of Computing) winner. (Age: 81)

So, you’ll probably notice the list only has nine people (if you read this far).  I’ve included the best for last because he is also the most controversial.

Bill Gates (Age: 57)

Now many people may be upset with this choice and say that he was a businessman. True, he was a businessman. But he was also a Software Engineer. He was a programmer (12) and then a project manager, if you will, for MS-DOS; one of the most used operating systems ever.  He was also the Chief Architect of Microsoft for a very long time when some of the most used programming languages (e.g. Visual Basic, C#) and products (e.g. Windows) were produced.