Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday & Gay Rights

Today I honor and thank the eminent Alan Turing for the seminal contributions he made to computer science.  Without him, I may very well be not typing on this computer.  The tragic death of Alan Turing also brings up a prescient political issue of today, Gay Rights.  Homosexuals should not be made second-class citizens in any society, especially one like ours in the USA that is supposedly based on equality.

Say what you will about gay marriage, but if the government is to recognize marriage as a legal event, then it should be recognized for all citizens.  No one, especially people such as Turing who contributed so much to humanity, should be driven to suicide by a feeling that they are ostracized from their own society.

I have never posted anything political on this blog and rarely discuss my politics in professional life.  But the 100th birthday of the founder of my profession forces me to look at these two things and lament that he would still be treated as an outcast by some if he were alive today.


A Professional Engineering Exam is coming!

Finally!!  An exam from the people (NCEES) that do the Professional Engineer licensing exams across different states for software!  This is a HUGE step in the right direction for the professionalization of software engineering.  My home state, Virginia, is one of the states asking for the exam!  Soon, you can be a licensed software engineer, just like a civil engineer.

See more on this story here!

TFS on Azure is publicly available!

Brian Harry announced it today on his blog.  I’ve tried it out and it’s awesome!  They’ve got much of what you would find on a local tfs install, but of course it’s using the new tfs 2012 stuff and the web access is much better.  They’ve got the Scrum 2.0, CMMI 6.0, and Agile 6.0 templates to choose from, but they all have a “Scrum-ish” feeling to them.  For instance the CMMI one has a backlog!  Interesting development….

Go check it out today and use it while it’s still free!