Sabermetrics for Coders

An very interesting book has been published recently by O’Reilly called Codermetrics.  While I don’t agree with everything the author writes, he should be applauded for his innovative new way at looking measuring developer productivity.  For too long, we’ve had Dilbert-like managers trying to measure programmers on things such as “Lines Added” or “Amount of Check-ins”.  These types of examples are insulting to professional developers and we usually try to find clever ways around it (tons of comments for instance).  Jonathan Alexander takes a different approach by using common sports stats like an “Assist” and applying them to software development.  I would get an “Assist” every time I helped a developer on my team fix some code or answer a tough question.   The other developer would have to approve that I did indeed “Assist” them.  With all the publicity of “Sabermetrics”, Billy Beane, and “Moneyball”, this book is right on time.  Check it out!


GovDev Process Template for TFS 2010

I have collaborated with Microsoft through my company CEI to create a new process template for TFS.  It is tailored to Government clients that have requirements like CMMI, but also want to be agile.  The main work item we have added is a Use Case.  It is intended to be the child of Requirement work items and replaces the User Story work item in the Agile template.  Many of the work item queries from the Agile template have been integrated into the GovDev Process Template. The following graphic nicely shows how the linking between work items is intended to be done.

GovDev Process

One of the most significant reports added was the Requirements Traceability Matrix!  I have heard many clients ask for this in the past, especially in regards to government requirements.  A screenshot is given below.


The best part is this is all open source!  Here’s the link to the Codeplex site, go download it today!