New Software Engineering High School!!

Joel Spolsky just posted on a new high school being opened in NYC that will concentrate on creating software engineers!  What a great concept and it’s totally awesome that it will become reality!  If universities can’t change their CS curricula to keep up with the rapidly changing field of software development, then hopefully this high school will be the antidote!  A very exciting development!


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One Response to New Software Engineering High School!!

  1. Ido Talberg says:

    I don’t think the universities are to blame for the shortage of good programmers. Despite their reluctant attempts to change the CS curricula, they’re still faculties of scientific education. What is really needed are more vocational schools that teach young people how to develop software.
    Although starting at the high school age is also a good idea. I personally got into coding because of my high school and I’m glad I did.

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