An Example Conceptual Data Model Diagram

In my continuing series of posts on software diagrams, I give you an example conceptual data model diagram.  As you probably know, a logical and physical data model should be created after this and I should be posting those shortly.

The conceptual data model is intended for a large group of stakeholders including the users and customers of the system.  Therefore, it should be in a notation and format that they understand.  That is what I strived to do below.

This is an actual diagram I made for a client (scrubbed of course) that was used to build a $15 million/year system.  It took 40 people about 2 years to build.  The system was intended to give scholarships to medical students in hopes that they would then serve at a underserved medical site after graduation.

Enjoy!  Contact me if you want the original Visio file.


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3 Responses to An Example Conceptual Data Model Diagram

  1. Andrew Climo says:

    Hi Leonard,

    I really liked the short-but-sweet article on the conceptual data model – nicely done!

    We presently pretty much do conceptual architecture models backed by detailed process models and logical data models at the entity and relationship level, but a LDM is simply overkill.

    Your CDM looks something like I remember using in a different lifetime 20 years ago and very much more appropriate for the business analysis and stakeholder engagement activities that we are concentrating at the moment.

    Is there a published standard for your CDM? I would also very much like a copy of your Visio template if you are agreeable.

    Great blog by the way!

  2. Rick says:

    I would like to go over this CDM, could you mail me the file as well.

  3. kishore says:


    can you please mail the CDM.

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