A new site on Software Engineering

Well, I love the field of Software Engineering so much, I’ve decided to create a whole site on it :).

It’s at:

Please go visit and enjoy!


Google Chrome Extension to switch between multiple monitors

So I have dual monitors and I love my UltraMon tool.  It puts a little button on every window that immediately puts the window in the other monitor when clicked.   Every window, except Chrome!!!  I was hopeful that I could write an extension to do this, but unfortunately I don’t think it is currently possible.  The windows api looked to be the best bet, but it came back with the minimized window width and height instead of the maximized window’s width and height.  This seems to be a bug to me.

But even if they could do that right, it still doesn’t seem possible.  Chrome’s extension api is very young and immature right now, which I can see from both the api and currently available extensions.  I hope it matures quickly!!!