IIS Web Deploy References

  • TechNet
  • MSDN
  • Visual Studio “One-Click Publish”
  • Web Deploy IIS.Net web site
  • Why you should use Web Application Projects and not Web Site Projects in Visual Studio 2010.
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    This is how you do Network Security

    At a client and was trying to get high-speed internet. Did the old “take an ethernet cable from some computer and plug it into mine” routine. Couldn’t access the internet or their network. Good for them.

    But the best part is SIX MINUTES LATER, some guy comes in and asks me what I’m doing here. Says he got an alert to his mobile phone that someone on the level tried to gain access to the network. If it was after-hours (thankfully it wasn’t); security would have come. Also, no USB Data sticks work on any of the computers.

    I asked him what software they use for this and he said, “I can’t say”.

    Very well done sir, very well done.