A Review of Top Book Lover Sites

I love books. For the past five years I’ve mostly been into books on software development; but I can enjoy a good book of poetry when in the right mood. 🙂 Soooo, I’ve spent a lot of money on books and nice solid oak shelves. I’ve organized my books by the Dewey Decimal System and now I want to switch to the Library of Congress system. In the process, I thought I’d see if there were any “book-lover” or bibliophile sites out there that could
a) help me out in going to the LoC system
b) find others that are into software development books (so I can find some more good ones to read).

I narrowed my choices down to three sites:

  • Shelfari
  • Library Thing
  • Good Reads


To get good recommendations you need a lot of users and Shelfari, I think, has the least. The best thing it has going for it are its nice visual representations of shelves. But that’s about it. No bar code scanning and the community recommendations aren’t so great either.

Library Thing

A simple site, but it does everything well. Seems to be built by librarians and people who love books and it shows. A decent recommendation system. Don’t know if it’s better than Amazon’s, but a good feature to have. They will also recommend similar members, which I really like. Overall a very good site, not too flashy, but everything I need.

Good Reads

This seemed like a good site from the outside. Lots of users, which is important. But I didn’t see any way for books to be recommended to you or to find people who have similar tastes. This is the main reason I wanted to join!! They did want to go through my gmail contacts to get their hands on my “friends”, but I can ask them myself what they’re reading. They do have a “Librarian” feature, which is similar to Wikipedia in which certain members can edit book description pages. This seemed like a good feature.

I decided on Library Thing, I’ll keep you updated on how it goes…

Oh, and here’s my list of books at Library Thing.


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